ALL IN THE DETAILS: Something Suede

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Something Suede

Somewhere in between ’70s hippie chic and relaxed boho, this Fashionista has found a way to incorporate a unique piece into her fall style, by moderating and mastering one of the season’s most popular trends—suede.

With the fall rolling in, this season is bound to be flooded with shades of earth tones. This Fashionista has seemingly found her perfect shade of suede and nailed an effortlessly unique fall look.

The top’s babydoll style allows for a relaxed and loose look, as it sits far across the shoulders and flounces at the waist. The light tan color gives the suede a less flashy look, as compared to the darker, more festival-associated tones.

Stacking up beaded bracelets instantly makes any outfit unique, as this Marist Fashionista rocks an off-white, handmade string bracelet from Nicaragua and her room key around her wrist. This Zoey 101-inspired method creates a super personal, stylish and efficient addition to her decked-out wrists. With a gold drop necklace complementing the open V-neckline, her jewelry’s detailing personalizes and adds a little more color to her earthy outfit.

Paired with black, destroyed skinny jeans, this Fashionista adds an edge to the playful form of her top. Cuffing her jeans at the ankle in order to highlight her boots, she conquers the weather confusion of October in Poughkeepsie, as it truly transitions into the real crisp of the season.

Her Chelsea style ankle rainboots stand ready for any weather condition while also sporting a classic fall earth tone, olive green. These unique boots combine a handful of the season’s classic bootie norms, really creating the perfect balance between style and durability. Their shiny finish dresses up any outfit while staying water resistant, in order to conquer the rough weather that will soon creep up on us!

The most effective looks are crafted with personal touches. This Fashionista has conquered a classic fall look with classic fall pieces, but also subtly uses this season’s most popular trends without masking her own personal style.

So use the Poughkeepsie foliage as a natural inspiration this fall, while also utilizing super unique details to make this seasons’ trends your own.