ALL IN THE DETAILS: Solids and Stripes

Everyone is familiar with the basic rules of fashion. Examples of these rules are the colors brown and black never go together or to never wear the color white after Labor Day. What is the point of following the rules when it comes down to self expression? Sometimes, rules are meant to be broken to achieve your outfit’s ultimate look.
This Fashionista was spotted just getting out of work. She was wearing a camel brown blazer with army green ankle pants. Maybe a couple of years ago, I would have never thought that these two abstract colors could go together. I appreciate this Fashionista’s look in color-blocking. Each color is an unusual color, but they still complement each other very well.

Color-blocking is all about taking multiple colors that you normally think would not go together, but they end up complementing each other very well. Normally, any type of print would not be incorporated in color-blocking. I love how this Fashionista added a white and navy striped shirt under her blazer. Even the stripes on the cuffs of her blazer added another great detail to her outfit.

As you can see, this Fashionista definitely achieved the color-blocking trend, from the two different colors down to the gold buttons accented on her blazer. To top off her outfit, she wore a pair of Sperry Top-Siders and had a fresh face of makeup.

How To: Afraid to color-block your outfit? Start by using simple, neutral colors that you think would not go together but still look good next to each other or just go for it and choose bright colors. You can always watch runway shows for inspiration.