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All IN THE DETAILS: Soft Touches

December 13th, 2016 at 2:05am

Winter is here. The calendar may not agree, and this is subject to your geographic location, but my university is definitely in winter mode. The weekend before the holiday, the weather pulled a total 180. During the day it had been in the 60s, and by dinner time we had freezing rain and even some snow! If that isn’t fickle weather, I don’t know what is.

The current weather is certainly far less extreme. For now, rain boots will get the job done. This Fashionista was sporting simple, gray ankle rain boots for splashing from class to class. These boots are a fantastic option because they keep your toes nice and dry without being overly clunky like taller rain boots.

A nice watch (or several) is an essential part of any Fashionista’s collection of accessories. Besides their functionality, they add an elegant touch to most outfits. I personally love soft band watches with metallic faces like the one photographed. They have just the perfect amount of shine to add a bit of interest without creating an overwhelming gleam on your wrist. Watches that are fully metallic can be fantastic too, but it is more important to keep in mind the proportionality of such a watch. I have found that even average-sized metallic watches look silly on my tiny wrists.

Lastly, bags or backpacks are an absolute necessity for toting around a laptop, folders, pens and who knows what else. A rucksack is magical in terms of its carrying capacity. This Seal of the Sierra Club nylon rucksack keeps the books dry, and is appealing to the eye. A slightly rugged pack does wonders to balancing an otherwise very feminine outfit. This is seen in the way it complements the delicate button-down, which she layered under a sweater and the gold locket necklace.

There are endless possibilities for accessorizing. The best rule of thumb is to go ahead and choose what you think is appropriate, and then take off one or two items before leaving for the day. Odds are, you went overboard. The rainy day look that this Fashionista is wearing exemplifies how less is more. Keep it simple and classy, but most importantly, don’t overthink your accessories!