ALL IN THE DETAILS: Soft Tones and Lace

September 21st, 2016 at 2:10am

In a world full of bright eye-catching colors and whirlwinds of prints, one would think that soft tones and lace would easily fade into the background. That’s never the case. Soft nudes and lighter tones create a calm, serene vibe while the lace and hint of skin give the look all the cool girl feels. Worried about it being boring or not enough? Think twice. A little added details to add your own sparkle paired with killer confidence will make you the Naomi Campbell of the classroom (err, scratch that campus)!

This Fashionista was found taking a stroll through the Classic City’s Founder’s Garden. To be both chic and comfy often seems like a big task, but this Fashionista proves otherwise. I was captivated by the cool chicness of the look that is both comfy and dressiness enough for any occasion.  What makes this look work for basically any event is the flowy, light fabric that is breathable in the hot summers of the south and the muted blue and brown feather prints creating a subdue air. However, the small details amplify the look even more. The small tassels on the shoes, the back cutout debuting beautiful lace and the sliver of skin allow maturity and style to shine through.

Overall, this Fashionista balances a collection of small details to create a ready-to-wear look. The tassel addition to the sandals creates a more interesting, dressier image compared to the average summer sandal. Now let’s discuss the lace! The lace is a perfect choice to hide any pesky underwire, but it’s also great for adding texture and unexpected print. Lastly, my personal fave, is the layered effect of the romper. The flowy effect of the fabric makes it appear like a set and give it the comfy yet chic vibe.

Should you sweat the small stuff? Most definitely when it comes to fashion and style. The small details amplify a look and make it your very own. Give every look a hint of you!