We all know what’s waiting for us after graduating. Whether it’s grad school or straight into the corporate jungle, the rules of what we’re able to wear daily becomes a bit more constrained. It’s not like you can just waltz into your office wearing cut-off shorts and expect the higher-ups to be okay with it—unless you work as a freelance writer at Rolling Stone, maybe. Those of us who’ve had corporate internships are beginning to understand what seems to be the reality of life after college—the choices you make regarding your wardrobe become suddenly more work-focused.

But who says that what you wear to work has to be boring? There is surely always a way to express yourself, even when your internship or entry-level job dictates what you wear. When I caught up with this Fashionisto after his internship, I wasn’t expecting that he would talk to me how his outfit reflected his personality. But as I was taking pictures, he insisted I take a few of his socks, which turned out to be a fun, unexpected argyle print. His chosen pair of socks happened not to clash at all with his summery blue button-upgray oxfords and bluish-framed glasses. They added a distinct personal twist to his look as well.

It just goes to show that no matter what you do, there’s always an opportunity to express yourself through what you wear, even if only through the smallest details.

How To: When the weather finally dictates that you can switch over to trousers and close-toed shoes, simply wear your favorite pair of sock, whether they’re argyle or something more adventurous like this pair from Urban Outfitters. However, do make sure that your trousers are tailored properly around the ankle and that your socks can match with the color and tone of your shoes and overall outfit.