When you live in Florida, all you know of winter clothes is that there’s an underlying want to need them someday. We buy endless amounts of sweaters and boots longing for that day or night it gets below 75 degrees. I don’t really want to claim that Floridians might have created the UGGs and shorts trend, but there’s a large chance we’re the culprits. It definitely does get chilly, but mind you it’s never cold enough that you can’t style your favorite pieces with some wintery ones thrown in there. So when you’re wanting to dress appropriate and still show off some leg, knee-high socks are a go-to. They are a bold move and a quick fix to turning any summer wardrobe into a warmer one. Oh, the irony.

This Fashionista knows how to be multi-seasonal. She wears a turtleneck top with an oversized jacket and a black skater skirt, which stands out as her summer piece. She’s got her knee-high socks and combat boots to prevent any toe-sicles in the wardrobe forecast. In this outfit, she chooses black for a more monochromatic look, but there’s nothing I love more than a pair of crazy socks! They’re definitely the part of the everyday outfit that gets taken for granted when they can be such a beautiful thing. Socks being chosen as the staple piece is rare, but refreshing. Here is a another dark color option to break up the black. Try a sparkly pair for some pizzazz or maybe even a little something bright if you are feeling bold!

How To: You’ve got a pair of shorts that really complement you, but the temperatures are dropping at night. I’ve got the deal breaker: knee-high socks. Pick your favorite booties and throw on a leather jacket and you’re ready to show what a versatile Fashionista you are! You can even wear leggings and throw on some knee-highs for extra warmth.