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September 21st, 2015 at 2:05am

When I imagined my life in Italy before I came here, I pictured myself strutting down the street in my favorite pair of heels and my leather jacket slung casually over my shoulder. When I arrived, I was rather surprised to find that my dream of dressing like a fashion blogger could not be fulfilled. The streets in Florence are made of uneven cobblestone, so unless you want to swiftly turn your ankle, heels are a no-go. The temperature also flirted with 100 degrees, so the leather jacket was out of the question as well. I had to learn to adapt by taking some cues from the natives of the city.

In Florence, it’s rare to see anybody wear heels. Instead, heels are replaced with a pair of sneakers. Dress pants or midi skirts are effortlessly paired with Converse sneakers, Stan Smith tennis shoes or a pair of Nikes, like this Fashionista’s here. The Air Maxes that she is wearing have a leather-like material to them, which makes the shoes easy to dress up and down and give them an incredibly chic edge. Her brown leather midi skirt pairs perfectly with her leather shoes without being too matchy. With her high-waisted skirt, she wears a white crop top with mesh detailing. The mesh gives the shirt a sporty vibe, which ties in the sneakers.

She finishes off her look by adding a cool gold arm cuff and a pair of black and gold sunglasses. Who needs heels when you can put an outfit together like this one?

How To: Have a pair of running shoes that never see the light of day outside of the gym? Next time you get dressed to go out with your friends or go shopping, switch out your flats or heels and throw on your sneakers for a more daring, and certainly more comfortable, look.