There is no question that the classic adidas sneakers are making a major comeback. Paired with a minimalistic dress, like pictured above, distressed boyfriend jeans or endless other options, these effortlessly chic shoes take any outfit from typical to Instagram worthy.

Although hitting the store shelves years ago, most likely in the athletic shoe section, the adidas original Superstars recently regained fame when these cool kicks began to grace the social media feeds of our favorite fashion bloggers. Once they made their way into the fashion scene, I don’t know anyone who does not own or does not want a pair. If the fact they’re the coolest footwear for every season isn’t a good reason for you to grab a pair of your own, their comfort, ease, timelessness and versatility should be reason enough.

Even though the classic white converse high-tops are a comparable sneaker option, I honestly think that the adidas original Superstars are here to steal the pedestal in which the famous Chuck Taylors sit upon. In my opinion, Converse are a little too junior high at this point, and the adidas Superstars are much better suited for a fashionable, college demographic.

How To: The clean lines and simple colors of these shoes allow so much flexibility for acceptable clothing options. However, to make these shoes the highlight of the outfit, I would suggest keeping things minimalistic and chic. Toss them on with a cool skort and tank or pair them with your favorite jeans and a cozy sweater.