ALL IN THE DETAILS: Snakeskin Sinner

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Snakeskin Sinner

When your closet consists of all black, how do you spice it up? Details. Details. Details. What’s not to love about a vintage necklace, a double buckle belt and snakeskin booties? All in the same outfit too? This girl knew what she was doing when she got dressed this morning. This Fashionista was chilling at a coffee shop downtown from campus when I spotted her. I knew I had to stop her!

She is wearing her favorite band cut-off T-shirt tucked into some black high-waisted shorts. She then added on her double buckle belt and a vintage bomber she just recently picked up at a secondhand shop! Next, she added another awesome vintage piece: her necklace. No more jewelry was necessary for this look, but her snakeskin booties definitely were! These bad boys are to die for. These are statement detail everyone needs this fall and winter season. You can dress up or down any outfit in these—I need to get myself a pair.

This outfit works really well together because although she’s using simple pieces as her wardrobe, she added in some amazing details that took this outfit from simple to trendy. Sometimes the smallest details can go the longest way. Trying out new trends, and old in this case, can go the longest way and really make the best outfits. Kudos to this chica because she rocked it!

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