The ’70s are back with a vengeance! Everywhere you look, you see suede and high volumes of fringe. From runways to street wear, it seems like everyone has become inspired by the era of peace and fluidity. Whether you want to slip on some platforms or throw on a fringe jacket, the trick to following this trend is to make it your own. I find it best not to overload yourself with all of these ’70s trends at once. By focusing on one key detail and pairing it with other modern pieces, you’ll look fresh and stylish.

This amazing vintage suede coat is definitely the focal point for this outfit. Its camel color really stands out against the white T-shirt and denim jeans. The detailing of this coat easily makes it a showstopper item and it ties the entire look together. Her shirt is a very popular trend from this day and age, so pairing it with such a ’70s-inspired coat gives the outfit a modern twist. Keeping it simple with a pair of high-waisted jeans was a smart way to keep the focus on the coat. The color palette of this outfit is pretty neutral and very easy to grasp. Having the coat as the main focus really brings in the essence of the ’70s era and adds a lot of personality to the outfit.

Of course, accessories always help bring an outfit to the next level. Her black creepers and handbag tie in the black writing from her shirt, which keeps the eye moving up along her outfit. The simple metallic choker on top was a great addition to the outfit and draws the attention to the neckline and essentially the coat. Also, check out her adorable hidden phone case! I thought this was a great little pop of color and detail. All of these small additions really added a polished touch to the overall look without being too “in your face.” I once read that when you go to add any accessories to an outfit, take one off before you go out. That way, you aren’t over doing it and you’re making sure the outfit is sophisticated and focused.

How To: You can get this look easily by choosing one ’70s-inspired piece to create an outfit around! First, be sure to check out your local second-hand shop or vintage stores to see if you can find an affordable statement item. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, tons of stores are carrying vintage ’70s-inspired collections. For example, Forever 21 has an amazing suede coat online that could definitely amp up any wardrobe.  Then, have fun with it and put your own sense of style into the outfit.