ALL IN THE DETAILS: Slipping Into Sandals

It’s definitely beginning to feel warmer outside more frequently. Since we are in the in the in-between phase, some days are hotter than others, and spring apparel is beginning to make an appearance. Sandals are essential for a warm weather wardrobe, and you can almost never go wrong with something classic! This Fashionisto’s distinctive way of sporting these classic sandals makes his outfit stand out while welcoming the sunny weather.

This Fashionisto is wearing a very casual and lively graphic T-shirt. The colorfulness of the T-shirt coincides perfectly with the brightness of the sunny day. Pairing the dark colored varsity jacket with the bright shirt helps give the outfit a subtle look. The contrast makes sure the ensemble isn’t too loud and will come in handy if there is a temperature drop. Due to the fact that it is still winter, the jacket makes sure the outfit looks in season.

The relaxed jeans complement his eye-catching Clarks sandals. These particular sandals are often seen on older individuals or small children. He is definitely stepping out of the box for wearing them. Pairing the sandals with striped socks showcase his personality and add a quirky element to the outfit. The dark stripes in the socks match the colors of the varsity jacket and essentially tie the outfit together.

How To: Don’t shy away from sandals, Fashionistos! Socks and sandals can be very fashionable. Find a unique patterned pair of socks to pair with your sandals for an eccentric look. If you’d like a subtle look, a solid pair will look just as great! Try wearing shorts for a more springtime look.