ALL IN THE DETAILS: Slay Your College Campus

February 28th, 2017 at 2:00am

To get dressed or to not get dressed? That is the question that runs through many college student’s minds as they get prepared for their day of classes. College students already have a lot to juggle on a daily day to day basis—between school, maintaining friendships and relationships, family time, work, and squeezing in some personal time, being a college student isn’t easy. Picking out a cute outfit for class every single day is just another thing on the to do list. When you have early morning classes, getting dressed for the day can be the ultimate struggle. Sweatpants and a comfy hoodie is always the quickest go-to for a college student. There are some students who get glam for class every day, and I must say more power to them. But what about the people who want to add some cute touches to their casual school day outfit?

This Fashionista is ready for her school day. She is dressed casually, but added a few chic pieces to her attire. To bring out her outfit, she added a sleeveless jean jacket paired with black skinny leg jeans. Her skinny jeans have rips at the knees, bringing her outfit from casual to edgy. Instead of carrying a typical backpack to class, she makes her own fashion statement by carrying a brown Calvin Klein backpack. To add a little touch of chic to her outfit, she accessorizes with a mixture of rings on her fingers. Her red nail polish adds the right pop of color to her neutral toned outfit. To tie her outfit in, she put on a pair of sunglasses; always a must for any Fashionista. This college girl is ready to slay her campus!