ALL IN THE DETAILS: Sky-High Neckline

As a Fashion Merchandising student, I study the history of  20th and 21st century fashion. My teachers have drilled into my head that “fashion is evolutionary, not revolutionary.” With that being said, fashion is constantly repeating itself from decade to decade—high-waisted shorts didn’t just become popular in 2014!

My generation has chosen to bring back the popular ’80s look in jeans, skirts, shorts and even bathing suits. This Fashionista’s black and white checkered dress perfectly represents the cyclical nature of fashion. You can never go wrong with a simple, yet edgy, black and white outfit; it’s impossible for it not to match with everything else in your closet! This Fashionista is channeling an Audrey Hepburn ‘60s mod look with her mini dress. Every girl needs a classic little black dress, and this outfit is a take on that essential piece needed in every girl’s closet.

The high neckline on the dress immediately caught my attention. Mock-turtleneck and halter-top necklines are slowly becoming a trend among younger generations. Mock-turtlenecks elongate the neck, making the person appear taller.  What I love about the height of this neckline is that it can be worn in any season. Perfect for the fall, pairing this dress with tights and covering your chest up to your neck will keep you warm, all while embodying that old-time, classic feel. This jewel neckline (a rounded collarless neckline) and sleeveless ensemble combine to form a dress that can be made more conservative by covering the sleeves, or chic by rockin’ it as is.

This fashionista chose to pair her high neckline with a black felt, floppy hat along with a pair of ankle-length black booties. Her black leather clutch is the perfect addition to her outfit, adding a little fun with fringe, but not overpowering the look with a big bag. I love that she chose to wear simple stud earrings instead of dangling ones, along with basic rings and bracelets, because they don’t take away from the fashion-forward neckline.

Don’t be afraid to jump on the bandwagon and buy an outfit that follows this trendy neck—dress it up or down depending on the occasion and remember that fashion has no wrongs or rights, as long as you feel awesome in what you’re wearing!

How To: First, find that perfect high-necked shirt or dress (this can be sleeveless or not depending on your preference).  Then, rock that big floppy hat in the color of your choice.  Finish off your trendy outfit with a pair of low cut booties.