It’s so difficult to find something original to wear nowadays. From clothing chains providing everyone with the same exact dress to designers from different companies drawing inspiration from the same places, there’s no denying that a lot of the clothing out there is fairly common. Sure, you can style the same black crop top that everyone owns a hundred different ways, but sometimes it’s nice to not have to put so much effort into making your look unique. This Fashionista’s basic jean jacket, complete with this awesome hand-drawn illustration, is about as unique as it gets.

Before this jacket was being paraded around as a work of art, it was just another standard jean jacket from Value Village. That is, until someone saw it as a canvas as well as an easy-to-wear staple pice. Now, it’s a statement piece as well as an artistic expression and you too can rock the perfect staple-turned-statement piece simply by doodling on it.

While this beautiful illustration is a bit daunting, for example, by doodling on a piece of clothing you’re bored with is an easy way to spice it up. We all remember drawing on our jeans in middle school (á la The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants), a testament to the universal ability to add a cute quote or flower to a piece of clothing.

How To: With some thoughtful placement and design, your doodle can easily turn a piece from staple to statement. If you’re confident in your drawing abilities, go for a full back piece like this! Otherwise, feel free to go as small as you’d like. So long as it sets your white shirt that everyone and their mom seem to own apart from the rest, you’ve accomplished the goal.