As far as I am concerned, black is always the new black. However, sometimes I get carried away with my black on black outfit and my friends have to remind me I am going out, not to a funeral. When I am forced to add a little color to my wardrobe, I have a habit of going for the next best option–gray.

When I spotted this Fashionista truly capturing my essence of style, I had to highlight her outfit. While she simply paired her black jean shorts with a dark gray sweater and a simple necklace, what really drew me to this outfit were her knee-high socks.

Knee-high socks are one of the most versatile accessories. They match perfectly with shorts and a top, as displayed by this Fashionista, but they can also optimally complement a T-shirt dress.

You can use the seasons as a guide to match your socks; when it is a little chillier out, you can pair them with a thick sweater or even an army jacket. You can even have them peaking out of taller boots with pants when you need some extra layers. When it is warmer, they are still acceptable to enhance a flowy dress.

This Fashionista opted to wear her knee-high socks with black combat boots, but this look also goes great with wedge boots for a slightly dressier style.

Accessories don’t have to be restricted to statement necklaces and scarves. This Fashionista proves that a little attention to your feet can improve almost any outfit.

How To: To add a little dimension to virtually any outfit, add a pair of knee-high socks. If you are feeling extra ambitious, go for an even higher length!