September 10th, 2015 at 2:10am

There’s no need to sacrifice comfort for style! This Fashionista doesn’t compromise. She can run around all day comfortably and even jump up and down while still looking cute. Breaking this down to a pair of skinny jeans and a camisole—it’s a very simple outfit. The details are what make it interesting!

The light wash skinny jeans are the base of the outfit. Everything else she’s sporting is a fun, detailed addition.  She’s staying cool in her breezy cami that’s double layered for a less transparent look. With a kerchief cut and honeycomb-patterned texture, this otherwise simple cream top has a twist. Her camera necklace and chucks introduce some personal interests into the outfit. How cute is that dainty necklace? Adding the versatile, leather backpack bumps up the edge factor. And we can’t forget those glasses! They’re nice, modern black frames, but look closer and a beautiful wood grain is visible. There’s a lot of great accessories being shown; but staying with a dominant color like black in this case, helps keep everything tied together.

On those days where we have to trek around campus in the worst conditions, our favorite wedges and super cute maxi dress get to stay safe in the closet. Her outfit is a great example of how an interesting look can be achieved with a comfy pair of pants and some key attention-getters!  Sometimes accessories should take center stage rather than play supporting roles.

How To: Grab your favorite jeans and a textured or printed blouse. Add an accessory that relates to your personality or an interest. Then keep all other accessories in the same tone with a simple color scheme. Want to try something new and super easy? Shoot for monochrome!