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ALL IN THE DETAILS: Simple Ways to Accessorize

December 30th, 2015 at 2:07am

When was the last time having a hole in your shirt was cool? Practically never. But, this Fashionista can argue otherwise. In fact, without the intentional hole, perfectly centered in the middle, her ensemble would just not be the same. Solid colors and a long coat call for details to spice up your look. In this outfit, only a few accessories make the biggest difference.

Peaking through her hole is a beautiful necklace with blue beads and a hamsa. The additional chain hanging down adds a nice touch to that extra space, but it doesn’t end there. On her wrist she has a brown wrap-around bracelet that has the illusion of being many. These bracelets are a nice way to add a whole lot to a simple outfit. They’re fun, trendy and you only need to buy one!

Now, the bag. Bags are a perfect accessory for making a statement. Your bag, and the way you present it can make or break your outfit. Over-the-shoulder or on the crease of your arm are very much stylistic choices. These decisions can make a difference, believe it or not! I liked this Fashionista’s decision to rest her bag on the crease of her arm; it serves her sophisticated style.

How To: If there are accessories you want to bring attention to, make sure the rest of your outfit is fairly simple. This way, every item of clothing is shaped around that accessory, and you can boost your look.