There is something to say about the small details that bring a whole outfit together. Whether it’s a dainty necklace or a little sparkle in a pair of shoes, details and their impact in an outfit should never be underestimated. I can understand how paying close attention to details can seem a bit tedious, especially during the summer in the sweltering heat. All anyone wants to do is throw on an itty bitty bikini and only worry about when to put on more sunscreen. Having a certain amount of detail in an outfit can really make it or break it though. Wearing a shirt with a surprise open back or a plain white T-shirt with some intricate beading can give off an effortlessly chic vibe, while still looking like you put a little thought into your outfit.

This Fashionista knew how to add just the right amount of detail to make her outfit pop! She is wearing what looks like a plain white T-shirt from afar, but up close, you notice the intricate silver detailing in the shoulder. Not only does this steer the shirt away from being just another basic white T-shirt, but it gives the outfit an added edge. She decided to pair her shirt with some green military-inspired shorts. One could even say that they have a little air of menswear in them, with the cargo aspect of the short. Either way, I have serious shorts envy! These shorts not only look extremely comfortable, but are light and airy for the hot summer days. For shoes, this Fashionista paired her outfit with silver sparkly Steve Madden sandals that scream summer! The silver in the shoe complements the silver beading on the shoulders, pulling this outfit together and making it a chic and effortless ensemble.

This look was finished off by throwing on a pair of rounded sunglass to block the sun and all the haters!

How To: Have you ever wanted to add some detail to your outfit but don’t know how much is enough? Start little! Add a few small details here and there, like some beading in the shoulders of your shirt (hello, DIY!) or a small necklace and some stacked bracelets! Just remember, less is more and quality over quantity. Now go paint the town in details!