ALL IN THE DETAILS: Shoes and Stripes

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Shoes and Stripes

No matter the season, stripes are one of my favorite fashion staples. Give me a store full of patterns, and you bet I’ll choose stripes over all others! With so many options out there for rocking this versatile pattern it is incredibly easy to work it into your own wardrobe. This Fashionista incorporates stripes into her own outfit in a flirty, boho way and it definitely gets a perfect ten (see what I did there? Olympics humor, guys).

The main focus of this outfit, the striped lace-up tank top, is a perfect addition to any Fashionista’s closet. One can wear this tank in any season, whether it be paired with high-waisted jeans in the winter or trendy black shorts like it is here. I love the buttons on these shorts in particular. They really add interest to the outfit.

To give the outfit a more boho feel this Fashionista adds a trendy fringed cardigan. Since fall is almost here, and with fall comes school, the cardigan is great for keeping her warm in those drafty lecture halls. Cardigans are also perfect for those transitional summer to fall days when it gets unexpectedly chilly outside. Quick weather changes happen a lot in Wisconsin, especially on the UW Madison campus! That’s why this cardigan is perfect for this time of year.

To finish off this adorable outfit the Fashionista adds a pair of chunky lace-up heels. The taupe color of the heels gives the outfit more depth because the shoes are a different neutral color than the cardigan. Since they are in the same color family, the heels make the outfit more cohesive. They are understated enough to wear during the day, but they are sure to get this Fashionista noticed. 

How To: Pick a dark color, like black, for the base of your outfit and choose a lighter color family for the other details of your outfit. You’ll definitely be getting compliments left and right.