For most girls, summertime is all about bright colors and cute dresses. From fit and flare to bodycon, any type of dress is the right kind of dress! Creating an outfit is undoubtedly a breeze when your hardest task is matching the color of your dress to a pair of RAD shoes. But what about those of us who are lacking in the dress department? Well this is what I like to call the Fashionista’s guide to “faux dresses.”

Honestly, I used to be one of those girls who only purchased dresses for special occasions. I never really appreciated the convenience of wearing dresses casually until working as an RA required for me to make quick outfit changes. Let me just tell you, for an extreme perfectionist such as myself, that is not an easy task. Or should I say it wasn’t an easy task until I discovered the “faux dress.”

I was thrilled to find that this Fashionista had not only perfected but also understood the awesomeness that is the “faux dress.” A faux dress mimics the silhouette of any dress by utilizing three basic components: a top, a skirt and a belt. Faux dresses are versatile in that they allow you to play around with patterns and textures to create safe or daring dress inspired ensembles. This Fashionista for instance created a fit and flare dress using a black camisole, burgundy polka-dotted skirt and gold-studded belt. Believe it or not, the secret to creating a RAD faux dress is using a belt to literally tie the outfit together.

To create this look, our Fashionista began by tucking her camisole into her skirt to create the structure of a fit and flare dress. To accessorize, she then paired it with her favorite leather sandals and black leather tote. For jewelry, she wore her favorite diamond studs and a delicate necklace, allowing the rest of her outfit to remain the focal point. To take her outfit from drab to fab, she then added her gold-studded belt to help draw attention to her now cinched waist. I immediately fell in love with this gold-studded belt. The individual studs add the perfect amount of gold accents to every outfit. I mean, what’s more RAD than a belt than can be a sweet addition to a feminine look or even spice up a punk-rock outfit? No matter the occasion this belt is a surefire way to glam up any faux dress ensemble. No dress? No problem!

How To: Grab your favorite camisole and fit and flare skirt and throw them on. Feel free to get creative with your choice of designs. Finally, grab your favorite belt and cinch away! Don’t be afraid to try cool new ways to tie your belt. As an added tip, you can create a bodycon dress inspired look by shooting for a tighter, more structured skirt instead. Sometimes you just gotta fake it till you make it!