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October 7th, 2015 at 2:07am

All the tale-tell signs of autumn are here: Starbuck’s has their new fall-themed coffee cups, campus’s trees are beginning to fade to gold and red and cargo coats are cropping up across campus. College campuses hit their prime in fall, celebrating both homecoming and Halloween, a collegiate equivalent of the perfect storm. While many get caught up in October’s busy social calendar, we must take a moment to appreciate fall’s gorgeous fashion. Buttery leather boots, olive-colored military jackets and slouchy knit hats have consumed every students’ wardrobe. Although I am a firm believer in the beauty of fall booties, this Fashionista caught my eye with her uniquely beaded flats.

Paired with her cuffed, dark wash jeans, this Fashionista’s shoes seemed to shout at me from across the sidewalk. The subtle zebra stripes on the side complement the shoes intricate beaded pattern, creating a look that is both tribal and delicate. On top, this Fashionista takes advantage of the warmer weather and dons a casual white button-down. Her thickly framed black glasses give off a studious vibe, leading one to believe that this Fashionista has both beauty and brains. Loosely slung over her shoulder, this Fashionista shows off her black and gold tote that complements her beaded flats nicely. As a final touch, our Fashionista accessorizes with a silver ring and a gold watch.

How To: Do you want to look both casual and collegiate on campus? Follow this Fashionista’s example by donning a simple white shirt, dark blue jeans and a pair of beaded flats. Adding a slight cuff to your pants will draw passersby’s eyes to your stunning new shoes.