ALL IN THE DETAILS: Shadow of the Brim

“The straw that broke the camel’s back” is an American idiomatic phrase. When someone says this, they mean that there were just one too many struggles and the situation became too much to handle. When I think of this phrase, I can’t help but imagine an overworked, tired and hot camel carrying straw in the desert.

Well, if the phrase was more than idiomatic, I would suggest to that camel that they invest in a straw hat! Wide-brimmed hats are the perfect way to keep cool in the summer months. I caught this Fashionista taking full advantage of this lovely accessory in the middle of a hot day.

Even in the heat, this Fashionista remained effortlessly cool, even with her hair down, thanks to her beautiful hat. The hat alone is great to cover her head from the hot sun and the brim is wide enough to cast a shadow for her neck and shoulders. This naturally creates a cool sweet spot from the heat.

Along with the hat, this Fashionista wore a beautiful maxi dress. Maxi dresses are great for the outdoors because they allow any breeze to sweep the skirt around your legs. The orange is a fun color that never looks out of place in the warm weather. I always take advantage of warm colors when the sun is out, because they’re so appropriate!

Aside from the hat, this Fashionista glammed up her outfit with a few lightweight accessories. Her elephant pendant necklace adds the perfect touch of whimsy. Instead of a whole wrist of glam, this Fashionista smartly opted for a single bracelet for the summer weather.

Remember to always dress for the weather. Whether that be an indoor or outdoor event, always keep in mind what kinds of clothes will keep you most comfortable!

How To: To get this Fashionista’s look, find your favorite hat and style your outfit around it for a perfect day outside.