November 2nd, 2015 at 2:10am

Blue is the the one color that will never go out of style. From periwinkle to navy, blue is single handily one of the most important colors in fashion. The color is just so versatile, it can be tropical or urban, rural or vintage, the shade can change the mood of any outfit.

This Fashionisto definitely knew how powerful the color blue is. From his navy button-down to his teal watch, he mixed and matched the shades flawlessly. The denim in this look is worn and battered, the perfect light blue that contrasts with the navy top. I especially love the contrast of his clean-cut shirt buttoned all the way to the top, paired with the light wash jeans. Not only did this Fashionisto nail the preppy yet laid back look, he paid perfect attention to detail with the button-down and the cuff at the ankle of the jeans.  Each detail helps to create the look.

The detail in the accessories really does bring this look to a full circle. His teal blue watch brings in that third shade of blue, the color is so fun but the watch is so practical. The black hat breaks up the blues, but it really takes the look to another level of chic. The all-black Converse complement the hat and is so classic. Finally, the gold sunglasses warm up this blue look while his nose and ear piercings give the perfect edge.

Paying attention to details is so important in fashion; they can really make or break your outfit. Mixing shades of the same color can be potentially dangerous but this Fashionisto nailed it on the head.

How To: Anyone can imitate this look, you just have to think your details and accessories through before you just throw them on. Be conscious of what you are putting together and when it comes to mixing shades of the same color, blue is a great option!