ALL IN THE DETAILS: Shade Similarity

January 20th, 2015 at 2:00am
ALL IN THE DETAILS: Shade Similarity

We’ve all seen it before—that kid with the electric blue high socks, a matching blue T-shirt and a blue snapback. Luckily, I don’t see too much of that at my college. This is most likely because college students have matured their color palettes and schemes. This Fashionisto is exemplary in that sense. He has subtly placed maroon into his outfit three times without making it overkill. Using the same shade in your accessories can make your outfit more visually appealing, while the use of too many different shades could make it awkward or confusing to the eye. Everyone loves continuity.

This Fashionisto has even used maroon in different textures. His leather Dr. Marten boots are what I’m guessing he matched his accessories to, since they are the most alluring part of the ensemble. He managed to show them off quite well by cuffing his washed out jeans just once. Another interesting maroon component of this outfit is the knotted string in the sandalwood bead Tibetan prayer necklace. This accessory gives a certain tone to the outfit and adds to the bohemian feel. Adding onto the casual, free-spirited element, this Fashionisto chose to wear a beanie. This placement gives the maroon scheme an equidistant distribution. I say this in the sense that he situated maroon items on his head, torso and feet, giving his outfit a balanced appearance. He topped his look off with some tortoise shell horned-rimmed glasses. These retro style glasses can give a sophisticated, intellectual appeal to any outfit.

How To: You can achieve something similar to this look by simply choosing an accessory or two that have a similar shade and pairing them with neutrals. Alternatively, you could pick bold colored garments and choose monochromatic accessories. Just remember to space out the matching shades! Clumping similar colors together won’t look as nice.