I would like to take this moment to personally thank the fashion gods—I know you’re up there, or in Anna Wintour’s closet. To begin my expression of eternal adoration, for whom I like to believe are my little Louboutin-wearing angels, I want to say thank you. Thank you for gracing me with the invention of faux fur everything. Thank you for stocking my closet with stilettos half as tall as Kendall Jenner’s legs. Thank you for sending me to a school where I didn’t have to sport a pleated skirt and collared shirt. But most importantly, thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for accepting the sorority girls of D.C. when we rock the GW go-to look.

Mandatory uniforms are so not my shtick (and I hope they’re not yours), but when you don’t feel like dressing to the nines, an easy, comfy, ready-to-wear alternative is a must. These Fashionistas in Alpha Epsilon Phi are lucky enough to have their closets stocked with the phlyest apparel Greek life has to offer—taking their lazy-day-sweats up a degree (or five) on the fashion-omometer.

Their adidas-inspired, white, crewneck sweatshirts are perfect for braving the chilly, and often bipolar, D.C. weather. Each of these Fashionistas paired their sweatshirts with the oh-so typical pair of black leggings. Some may think it’s a bit odd for three college goers to match from head to toe, but the reality of the situation is that this outfit is simply the sorority girl’s uniform. School is in session, am I right?

But, dressing identical to your sorority sisters begs the question: how do I stand out? Well, these trendy Fashionistas have the response. And, like everything in life, the answer comes in the form of shoes…shocker! While these girls might look pretty similar, the details in their sneakers truly set them apart from the pack. The quilted, Steve Madden sneaker gives off a sweet vibe. The high top, Superga zip-ups lean toward the grungy side, while the perforated, leather Vans are laid back and easy going. The shoes we wear say a lot about who we are, so when you dress in your uniform, whatever it may be, don’t try walking in another person’s shoes because your shoes and your personality will set you apart.

How To: Pick out your shoes for the day before you grab your outfit! The shoes you wear will set the tone for the outfit, no matter what. If it’s a boot day, you’ll automatically go fancier. If it’s a sneaker day, make them neon. If it’s an UGGs day, you’ll probably want your North Face vest to go with it. Don’t forget, the shoes you pick decide your attitude!