November is a truly “fall” kind of month. When I think of fall, I think of leaves changing, Halloween and Thanksgiving decor and layers. Fall is a time to pull out you favorite jacket, wrap yourself up in an infinity scarf or slip on a cozy sweater. Can your style shine underneath all the layers? Why, yes it can! This Fashionista uses great accent accessories to show her sense of style through a layered, monochromatic outfit.

When it comes to recycling outfits, it’s all about changing the details to add a sense of freshness. Switching up or adding accessories, such as scarves, necklaces, watches and sunglasses, can make a huge difference and make the outfit you wore two days ago (or even yesterday) feel like a brand new look!

This Fashionista maintains a very neutral palette of mostly blacks and grays, but she accents her outfit with quirky and intriguing additions. Her sunglasses were the first thing that caught my eye. When the sun hits them, her pinkish purple reflective sunglasses add a small dose of a bright color to her neutral look. If you are someone who tends to keep their head down while walking, then noticing some cool shoes is most likely the thing that can make you look up. Her slip-ons give her outfit a sporty, preppy vibe while still complementing the other gray tones in her outfit. The three layered necklaces add subtle details to her outfit.

Why have one necklace when you can have three? Layering necklaces is a great way to make smaller necklaces feel like statement pieces. This Fashionista has various necklaces that really make someone stop and notice the small details. The small, quirky dice necklace and Chanel necklace lay perfectly under the collar of her shirt, and the layering length is just right and not too overwhelming. Overall, this Fashionista has small details from head to toe that make for a great outfit.

How To: Have you ever thought, “Does my outfit look a bit plain or boring?” Layered necklaces and funky sunglasses can add dimension and a nice pop to any simple outfit. Just make sure to use varying lengths when layering necklaces while also keeping within the same metal class (gold, silver or bronze), as to not clash too much. Keep the rest of your outfit simple and more muted to let your accessories be the focus of your look.