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If you are looking to turn some heads and call the attention of many with style this summer, leather is your best way to go. This Fashionista is bringing it strong. Her ombré hair, studded boots and amazing leather jacket turned a simple shirt into an rocking outfit.

If you have a shirt you like but always thought was too bland, simply add a leather jacket and boom! Your outfit is 10 times more stylish. The secret behind her amazing outfit is not her shirt but the pairing of leather with jean shorts. This Fashionista balanced her outfit by wearing something short after covering the majority of her upper body. Not only will this call attention to her legs, but it will also give her more space to breathe in the sunny summer days. Of course, let’s not forget about her studded boots, which are gorgeous in every aspect. The importance of this part of her outfit is that they not only frame her body well by adding a little playfulness to the lower part of her body, but they also are worn out. Nothing is perfect, and this outfit shows you that imperfection can be beautiful.

Finally, this Fashionista brought it all together with her backpack, which gives a grunge feel to her entire look while also keeping it playful and exciting.

How To: You can achieve this look by simply pairing your favorite high-waisted denim shorts with a rad leather jacket on top of a simple shirt, but make sure your shirt is catchy. Now you are ready to take on the streets.