ALL IN THE DETAILS: Secondhand Steals

Nothing adds to an outfit more than pairing a piece with a past and another that has some personal connection. This week’s Fashionista hit the thrift shops in search of some great secondhand items and managed to snag a few gems. They may not be her granddad’s clothes, but she still looks incredible.

Starting with a colorful knit sweater and a light weight jacket, the simple and minimalistic approach are quite fitting. The emerald yarns with extremely subtle teal threads weaved within aid in adding a little brightness to the classic knit, but are not overpowering to the extent of giving off a blotchy appearance. Her coat is a trendy thrift store find as well and by having small, unique details, it is easily distinguishable from any other ordinary overcoat. Almost a mix of a silvery gunmetal gray and purple, contrasting patches embroidered on both sleeves give it a little bit more of a vintage, second-hand vibe. Add a couple monochromatic buttons to match and a textured collar and you have your self one awesome thrift store find, and a far cry from what you’d find in any department store.

Keeping it cohesive and adding a few of her own personal touches, our Fashionista opted for a simple pendant necklace with a colorful map and old school camera printed overtop; along with her mother’s high school ring. The selection of these two complement each other and the rest of her outfit because they have that wanderlust, carefree vibe that suits her style impeccably.

How To: Needless to say, it doesn’t take much to look stylish. With 20 dollars in your pocket, odds are you can find a few solid thrift store finds to add your own meaningful touches to in order to make your outfit matchless. It is likely some of the more classic, or “basic” pieces will have a few extra touches being second hand or vintage, which often automatically gives your outfit a little extra something. No need to search for the craziest floral pants you can find; or spend hours wandering the store figuring out a way you could style pair a denim overalls and grandpa flannels we often associate with a thrift store. Just find a transitional piece that suits your personal style, and keep it simple.