ALL IN THE DETAILS: Scarves to the Rescue

Scarves used to be all about the function. They were often made out of wool or polyester, and let’s be honest here: they were not all that cute. Nowadays, scarves have made their own comeback. Whether it’s on the runways of Milan or on the mannequins at the mall, scarves are now seen as a staple to any wardrobe. In fact, scarves are not used exclusively for the winter anymore. In the city, we’re seeing scarves day in and day out, all made of different gorgeous materials. Our favorites are silk, cotton or viscose. Let’s not ignore the style of the scarf either. There are tons of different prints out there for you to feast on, leopard, striped, polka dot, or like this Fashionista’s: the ever so popular Aztec look.

What we’re digging about this Fashionista’s outfit is the numero one “wow” factor, how she paired a bold statement scarf with a simple outfit. It’s important to let the scarf do the talking but not let the scarves be overbearing. This Fashionista’s outfit keeps the scarf in the spotlight, matching it with a green T-shirt and classic black leggings. This Fashionista’s best friend for the day is without a doubt her amazing Aztec blanket scarf. With this baby on, she’s bound to turn a few heads on the street. As they say, people are drawn to beauty, and this scarf is a definite qualifier. Add some precious pearl studs and a knockout leather handbag and you’ve got yourself an outfit of a lifetime.

How To: Rain or shine, opt for a dazzling scarf to add a little bit of attitude to any outfit. Remember to keep the rest of the ensemble classic and cute to let the scarf be the main event.