ALL IN THE DETAILS: Scarves for the Win

March 16th, 2017 at 10:00am
ALL IN THE DETAILS: Scarves for the Win

For those Fashionistas/os who are not aware, I have been spending my junior year abroad in the United Kingdom and have been loving every moment of it. From the lifestyle of the university students, to the ability as an international student to explore a new location each week, I have fallen in love. Of course, like any obsessed Style Guru, the fashion is what always catches my eye.

With winter break long over, my days of sleep have come to an end as an exciting new semester has begun. However, during my adventurous winter break, I had been traveling quite frequently, which meant a new stylish outfit was created for each trip. What I have come to notice about the Europeans for a while now is that they are always one trend ahead of America. This is a bonus for me, because now I can bring back some of my top trends home from my time abroad!

During one of my many weekend trips I stayed local and visited Manchester, England for the day. While exploring the city I came across a Fashionista from Finland in a sleek, black ensemble that I fell in love with. As any Style Guru must do, I stopped her and asked to use her outfit for my latest post. What I came to love is how the outfit consisted of very few pieces, yet the ones she had chosen to wear stood out. In addition, the all black winter boots paired with a small crossbody bag and a gray scarf presented itself as truly European. As I have come to observe with many Fashionistas in Europe, simple is better—even when it comes to the choice of color.

After living in constantly cold and rainy weather, I have noticed how scarves play a key role in any outfit. After living in California my whole life and rarely wearing a scarf, I have now noticed so many Fashionistas/os abroad wearing scarves as a staple in their wardrobe, and this Fashionista is no different. Looking sleek in black, the gray scarf, while although it is still a neutral color, adds excitement to the outfit. What’s great about dressing for winter and colder weather is all the layers. If we have to dress warmly, then we might as well have some fun while we’re at it! Scarves are the perfect way to change up an outfit from a mixed print to a simple color, the perfect accessory now makes the perfect outfit!