ALL IN THE DETAILS: Scarfed Up in Gold

Let’s be real now, anyone waking up for an 8:00 a.m. class (probably a nine or 10, too) needs to put a little pep in their step. Don’t drink coffee? I have the fix for you! In this progressively colder weather, gold tones are sure to warm you up and everyone else around you. If you can work any bit of gold into your outfit, you are sure to be the morning sunshine. Not only will you feel more energized and awake but so will all of your friends and peers when they look at you! Plus you’ll definitely get some compliments, which is always a great bonus.

Are you nervous about gold not being your color? No need to fret! We all have that friend who claim’s “gold is NOT my color” but assure them “It can be!” If you have a cooler skin tone try small accents of gold like this Fashionista did. For warmer skin types, shoot for the moon with a bold pair of shoes or a jacket covered in gold!

Now say you have a warm skin tone that would look beyond amazing in a metallic gold bomber, but your personality is not fitting for such an outgoing look. What do you do now? My answer is “Neutral Tones: Golden Style!” You can use gold as a statement piece, such as a big chucky necklace, then just match it with neutral toned pants and shirts. You will still be able to hop on the trend, feel like yourself and look good all at the same time!

How To: Find what suits your skin type best and make sure to let your inner gold shine through! You will be sure to look good in whatever gold piece or pieces you chose. Still unsure what to wear? This season is perfect for lightweight gold embellished scarves. They will keep you warm and more importantly, keep you fabulous!