ALL IN THE DETAILS: Scarf Down the Cold in Style

November is the month in which we all realize that sunshine and warm weather is far behind us. College life becomes filled with hot tea, cute blankets and a whole lot of Netflix. Unforgiving wind chills and unpredictable weather can make staying fashionable seem like a challenge. Low temperatures often mean throwing on a bunch of different clothing and speeding across campus as fast as humanly possible. Layering does not have to be a daunting task! Clothing accessories can be just the perfect addition to any outfit that is meant for the cold.

‘Tis the season and in the midst of scarfing down apple cider donuts, why not “scarf” it up to combat the cold? This Fashionista keeps her ears and neck warm by complimenting her ensemble with an autumn-patterned headscarf. Scarves are wonderful accessories because they are so versatile! Throw one around your neck for some added style or keep your hair dry in the rain by putting it around your head. If you’re feeling classy, you can even drape it around your shoulders for an elegant touch. This Fashionista’s headscarf gives her outfit a chic touch, which can be hard to achieve when dressing for colder weather. A scarf is also a great layering accessory because the ends can be tucked into a jacket for added warmth and comfort. It is a great way to flaunt a pop of color while simultaneously keeping the cold-endorsed sniffles at bay. This Fashionista brought out her headscarf even more by combining it with a beige parka, beige booties and a pair of vintage flare capris.

How To: Were you ever under the impression that only older women can rock headscarves? Well, that is not the case anymore! Grab a scarf with your favorite pattern and wrap it over your head for a funky addition to your outfit.