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ALL IN THE DETAILS: Same Style, Different World

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Same Style, Different World

Do you guys remember sitcoms? You know, the shows that you could actually sit and watch with your parents that talked about real issues and taught moral lessons. Now all that fills the TV are reality show centered around lavish lifestyles rather than core values. Growing up I obsessed over Lisa Bonet in A Different World and wished I had a twin sister because of Sister, Sister.

This Fashionista gave me ‘90s vibes with a modern take. Now when you hear the ’90s you instantly think of bright colors but for this look, the inspiration is in the details. Her effortlessly pinned up hair reminded me of the way Lisa Bonet wore her hair in her younger years of acting. Having natural hair is a big trend now but when we look back at the ‘90s curls have always been trendy. This Fashionista keeps her makeup simple and very natural. Although this is a small detail, it stood out to me because the natural look is slowly coming back but it is rare to see. Most girls now go for the “Instagram baddie” look, which is a full face makeup look with fleeked eyebrows and a strong contour. Yet when you look at young ladies in the ‘90s, they kept their makeup simple and more natural. Her clear frame glasses add an element of sophistication to her look and the shape reminds me of Kadeem Hardison’s signature glasses from A Different World. To keep her look clean and light, this Fashionista goes with a slightly oversized white button down. She pairs her top with Zara inspired DIY high-waisted distressed denim. Then to finish the look off she adds her comfortable sandals, a great shoe to throw on when rushing out the house this summer.

The world is a completely different than it was in the ’90s but as we all know style has a way of repeating itself in completely different forms.

How To: The ultimate key to this look is keeping everything simple and effortless. With your makeup put down the contour pallet and high coverage foundation. Instead, reach for a medium to low cover foundation that lets your natural features show through. For the curly hair girls out there try an updo or let your hair go free and embrace its natural glory. If you don’t have naturally curly hair, try an effortless updo.  For your outfit have fun playing with sizes. Try an oversized shirt with your favorite highrise denim.