ALL IN THE DETAILS: Running Down A Dream

Fresh is a pretty ambiguous adjective in the summertime; it can be used to describe the crisp morning air or maybe some newly picked berries. Kids these days may even use the word when they stop you mid-strut in the street and compliment your bright flashy sneakers. Quite frequently, shoes are a subtlety in an ensemble; they fade into the background in the presence of more eye-catching pieces. It can be fun to switch things up a bit, though, and lure people’s eyes to the pavement to check out your fresh new kicks. Remember this when picking an outfit because fashion really knows no bounds. Try something new and opt for some statement-making sneakers next time, and you can style yourself from the top of your head to the tips of your toes, literally.

This Fashionista’s outfit is a combination of quirky, chic and cool that perfectly represents her personality and summertime style. These Nike running shoes are light, colorful and a great accessory for this season. As this Fashionista has so chic-ly shown us, these sneakers are extremely versatile and can be worn not just for running errands or running a mile, but they can be dressed up for an evening event too (especially if kept in mint condition). Pairing these sneakers with some crisp white jeans allows their floral pattern to really pop against the pavement. There’s no better time to wear white jeans than in the summer, not because they are only “socially acceptable” from Memorial Day through Labor Day, but because white denim keeps you cool in the blazing heat.

If summer were a fabric, it would most definitely be linen. This linen T-shirt is a perfect complement to this ensemble and really enhances the overall summery vibe. The mint color and rigid texture of the T-shirt add an interesting dimension to this look but are still subtle enough to keep all eyes on this Fashionista’s adorable sneakers. Pushing the boundaries of bold, she added another pop of color to this outfit with her flash lens sunglasses. It’s smart to have sunnies on hand at all times, especially when the sun is hovering low in the atmosphere in the magnificent, photographer-favorite “golden hour.”

How To: These shoes are really a statement-making piece, so make sure to keep the rest of your ensemble simple and stick with complementary colors. That way, your kicks are guaranteed to turn heads as you stride effortlessly and fashionably down the street.