ALL IN THE DETAILS: Rough Around the Edges

Remember when you were younger and you would purposefully cut your jeans or fray your T-shirts? Well, luckily for you, that’s becoming socially acceptable once again. Lately, I’ve been finding myself reaching for my ripped jeans or old flannels instead of my usual black pants and thick sweaters. At this point, I almost think of rips and holes as an accessory.

As always, layering can be seen everywhere in the fall. It’s easy, looks good and keeps us warm. Even so, layering can be a little too much if not done correctly. Breaking up a bulky outfit with different textures can take it from heavy and overwhelming to sleek and comfortable. Rips in jeans or holes in sweaters are the perfect way to add interest to an otherwise plain clothing item while still allowing you to wear multiple layers without looking like you just rolled out of bed (or maybe you did but you still look good).

The detail can be seen in multiple ways, whether it’s distressed jeans, beat up sneakers, frayed sweaters or cut up tops. This Fashionista paired her patched jeans with combat boots, a plain white T-shirt and a lightweight jacket. She finishes the look with a bright scarf and simple cross-body bag. Pairing a simple top with detailed bottoms keeps the focus in one place while still adding interest to the upper half with the scarf. The jacket and boots take the look from spring to fall without distracting from the outfit as a whole.

How To: Ripped clothes can often take over an outfit so start by layering with simple, basic pieces, like a T-shirt or black jeans and go from there.