ALL IN THE DETAILS : Rough and Tough

So, you woke up this morning with an interesting attitude. Nothing in particular has made you angry, but for some reason you feel in that angsty, careless mood. Well, you know what? Go ahead and turn up your favorite rock song and kick a few things around before you face the reality that you have to go to class. One of the best things about clothing and styling is that you can express your moods and vibes through it.

I found a Fashionista who was dishing out some pretty tough vibes on campus. Her outfit was full of little details that help to pull her look together. Most people’s attention instantly gravitates to her heavily slashed black skinnies. These skinnies alone have the power to add edge to any outfit with just enough looseness to keep them comfortable. Her knitted gray speckled crop top softens the outfit a bit, but the flash of midriff keeps the edge going in a subtle way. The Fashionista gives the look the final rough touch with a classic pair of combat boots worthy of Kurt Cobain’s blessing. Her outfit may even be a nod to the late and great musician whose birthday just passed. She accessorizes the look with black and gold accents. Her leather black belt and vintage ring are two tiny but definitely needed pieces.

The grunge look has to be one my favorites of all-time. When I see a Fashionista/o working it, I’m instantly attracted to it. There’s something about that careless but put together look that gets me going. To me, the slashed jeans, babydoll dresses, combat boots and flannels represent a sort of rebellion, something that says “I’m here and I stand for what I want.”

How To: Want to achieve your roughest, toughest look yet? Invest in a pair of black combat boots and distressed denim. Use them to give any of your favorite looks that tough vibe.