Retro attire is usually risky business, but this Fashionista was definitely not intimidated by the bold color and patterns of the ’50s decade. Her outfits oozes of the bold femininity during that time, but still manages to stay modern with an effortlessly chic look. Let’s take a closer look and see how this Fashionista was able to pull of the retro look.

The focal point of this outfit is the boldest piece, the red roses patterned skirt. The ’50s decade was big not only on the color red, but also on the A-line silhouette, which the skirt creates as it cinches in at the waist. Also, the raised hem of the skirt modernizes it, rather than the popular below-the-knee length during that time. She pairs the skirt with a matching red sleeveless button-down, and if you look closely you can see the engraved flower pattern on it, which increases the feminine appearance of the outfit overall.

However, as you may know, the color red is very bold and can be overwhelming, so this Fashionista was smart enough to keep her outfit grounded. She did that by wearing a black belt at the waist and matching it to her black slingback wedges. Yet the polka-dot pattern on the shoes adds in another ’50s vibe! The length of her legs provides distance between the skirt and her shoes, so the patterns on both items don’t clash but actually give off a cool retro look.

The outfit is completed with a simple necklace and dangling earrings. If you plan on doing a similar look, keep the accessories and hair to a minimum as this Fashionista did so the focal point can just be the ensemble. Not only is this reasonable for the warm weather, but the outfit also doubles up as a great date night outfit!

How To: If you have always wanted to wear retro prints, don’t be intimidated! If it’s a printed dress, wear accessories in solid colors that coordinate with it. If it’s an ensemble, pick one piece as the bold patterned choice, and the other as a matching solid color as this Fashionista did.