ALL IN THE DETAILS: Rompers, Lace And Confidence

July 22nd, 2015 at 2:00am

Rompers, lace and elephants, oh my! This Fashionista is “romping” her look with a few simple details that complete her fashion forward outfit. From the lace sleeves of the desirable romper to the elephant necklace, this Fashionista has it all together.

They always say fashion repeats itself and it’s shown with many styles, but one particularly “returning” trend is the romper. It seemed like a few years ago rompers were working their way back into the fashion world, but not long after they were seen less and less. Not anymore, though! Rompers are being spotted left and right for an obvious reason – they’re completely comfortable and, not-to-mention, fashionable! Rompers are nearly to-die-for with their versatility, comfort and trendiness.

Who says you have to be coated in jewelry to have your outfit be strictly detail oriented? This Fashionista paired her detailed-driven romper with a simple elephant necklace and darling shoes. The rompers main focus is the wide-sleeved ends that have beautiful lace embellished in them. This romper is so versatile that it can be dressed casual for daywear, or arrayed up for a night out on the town!

This Fashionista dressed her romper up with brown, heeled booties. The booties also contain so much detail, yet are so simple that they can be worn with nearly any outfit! This Fashionista paired her booties with the detailed romper, but they could be worn with a pair of jeans and a simple blouse and still be desirable!

One important detail this Fashionista is sporting is confidence. An outfit can be nearly perfect, but if you aren’t confident in what you are wearing, it won’t look near complete. Always go for something you feel good about!

How To: Seek a simple romper that contains your desired details and pair it with booties! This outfit is almost effortless because the fashion is included within two articles of clothing. That’s right, two pieces make a whole outfit rad!