ALL IN THE DETAILS: Rockin' Patterned Bottoms

It’s the summer time and the weather is absolutely radiant and positive energy is everywhere! When one is surrounded by such energy and optimism, it is no wonder that one’s fashion and style begins to reflect that. Whether it be with bright colors or sun kissed skin, it’s time we all embraced the summer spirit in our fashion and lifestyle choices! One way I’ve seen many people doing this around campus is through bold and brilliant patterns…..on their pants!

Wondering how one could manage to rock bold patterns down below while still tying together the upper half? Look no further than this one Fashionista who rocks her fashionable patterned bottoms that scream high energy and demand attention while seamlessly pairing them with a solid black shirt and American Eagle Outfitters denim vest! By keeping her upper half simple, she doesn’t distract from the pants and also maintains a balance that doesn’t make her outfit too overwhelming.

If you decide to try this look, do not be afraid to get wild with the patterns on your pants. It takes a person with a brave fashion sense to try this look, but you never truly live until you push your comfort zone so just go for it and see if you like it! You never know, you might find that you wish you’ve been adding more life to your legs than just covering them in neutral jeans or black leggings. Plus, many patterned pants are designed with such a soft and comfortable material, you’ll never want to wear anything else!

How To: Find yourself a comfy pair of patterned bottoms that are simple or bold! Make sure you have a solid-colored top to piece together that you feel meshes nicely with the pattern. In most cases, you can’t go wrong with black! Whatever you do, have fun with it and don’t be scared to try this new and exciting trend!