Combating frigid weather while remaining fashion-forward is an intimidating yearly ritual. Accessorizing is the key to adding a daily dose of fashion to your bundled up attire. One simple way to spice up your winter wear is to slide into a pair of cozy socks. This is a beloved accessory for Fashionistas living in cold climates because of their practicality, as well as to stay on trend. From a range of stitches and styles, socks infuse warmth to your feet during the chilly winter months. Selection is available in heights ranging from no-show to thigh-high, which are carried in a variety of designs. Cable knit, tribal and crochet trimmed are just a few examples of the types of socks you can sport this season.

For a majority of winter days, different styles of boots are a solid go-to universal option. Letting your socks peek out from the top gives a pattern pop that adds distinction, and can amp up your look to the next level! In this Fashionista’s outfit, the selection of black leggings allows attention to be drawn to the ankles with the bold color of the combat boots and socks. Select a solid-colored pair of pants to give your socks the chance to shine. Having flair on your feet is also great for winter because they are guaranteed to be seen when the rest of your outfit is concealed underneath a coat. Socks are the ultimate street style essential!

This Fashionista completes her look with a parka lined with faux fur, as well as a houndstooth scarf. These specific features transform her winter ensemble from plain to stylishly smart!

How To: If you have been shy with your socks in the past, grab pairs that you want to show off and tug them up! Allow them to steal the show by teaming them with a pair of form-fitting pants and boots. Having an assortment of sock options will allow for wide variation all winter long.