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ALL IN THE DETAILS: Ripped Jeans Meet Suburban Streets

September 28th, 2015 at 2:07am

Sometimes it’s the smallest things that make the biggest impression. This is extremely true when it comes to fashion. All the tiny features and the details are the things that could make or break your entire outfit. Your shoes, accessories and the detailing on your pieces are the foundation for your outfit. They are the glue that hold your look together. Do not overlook the subtle details of your outfit because they are very significant. They can make even the most casual of outfits exceptionally chic. Your outfit as a whole is only as good as its smallest parts.

This Fashionista instantly caught my eye when I was walking on campus. It was probably because of the drast contrast of her bright turquoise wallet against her black, white and gray outfit. The exciting splash of color is a minor detail, but it makes a major statement. Color-blocking is always fun and it adds a lot of spunk to any neutral outfit. Her classic, white T-shirt is far from boring with small but bold lettering on the front pocket that makes it interesting. Her all white Nike high-tops give an old-school, vintage touch to her outfit and pair extremely well with her white T-shirt. Still maintaining her simple look, this Fashionista sports a few plain gold bracelets to accent the gold lettering on her wallet and to give a little sparkle.

The best part of her outfit has to be her ripped jeans. They are a nice dark shade of gray that can match nearly any other color. The ruggedness of the jeans give the outfit an edgy, grungy look that really stands out. There’s just something about a pair of ripped jeans in a well put together outfit that gives great aesthetic pleasure. Whether they are just slightly torn or one rip away from falling apart, ripped jeans are the perfect way to spice up your outfit.

Find ways to incorporate fun details into your simplest outfits. This will take your look from casual and simple to something totally edgy and fun.

How To: Color-block all the way. If you’re wearing all neutral colors, wear a brightly colored purse, shoes or piece of jewelry. This will completely transform your outfit into a real fashion statement. Also, find a pair of ripped jeans that are the perfect amount of distressed for your liking. Sometimes regular jeans can be too plain so by swapping them for a pair of ripped ones, you can make your outfit go from bland to glam in a matter of seconds! The slightest details can make all the difference, so keep an eye out for cool pieces to add to your collection!