ALL IN THE DETAILS: Ripped Jeans Are Tearing Up The Streets

You should always have a staple piece of clothing that makes a statement in any outfit you wear. Your statement piece should be easy to pair with other clothes in your wardrobe, so you can expand your range of outfits. Now that it’s colder outside, it’s important to find warm pieces to fit your style.

This Fashionista found the perfect staple piece for this weather. A great pair of jeans like hers can be super warm and perfect for falling temperatures. I’ve always been a fan of jeans, but distressed jeans set the mood for a cool fall day. These jeans work because they aren’t too baggy, but aren’t too tight and constricting. Your ripped jeans should be comfortable enough to be a replacement for a pair of sweatpants. You can easily wear these jeans in the morning with a cool sweater, but you can make the transition into a T-shirt by the middle of the day.

Jeans don’t have to be overpriced. This Fashionista thrifted this pair and cut them herself! More and more people are finding ways to cut their pants themselves. Here’s my favorite video that shows you how to (safely) destroy your own cheap pair and make it look expensive! Find a pair of jeans at your local thrift store and customize them to your desire!

Styling the rest of the outfit is simple! Stick to neutral tops or sweaters to keep with the fall theme. I think options are unlimited when it comes to the perfect shoes for pants like these, but these deep colored, floral boots give this outfit perfect fall vibes. If you’re going out during the day, dark eye shadow and lipstick would really give an outfit like this a little extra edge.

How To: Get the look by wearing distressed jeans! This Fashionista paired her denim with fall boots, a beaded fringe bib necklace and a go-to black T-shirt.