We’ve all seen or heard people mimicking Gollum from Lord of the Rings. That ring in the movie harnesses magic power and attracts people so much. Who says rings in real life can’t have the same power? This winter, don’t put your rings on your fingers, but on your neck instead.

Girls tend to buy a lot of sweaters in different styles and find it hard to find a matching necklace. Should it be a choker, a chain or a pendant? All you need is a ring! Having a ring as a necklace shows that you are a simple and straight-forward person. Also, when your budget is tight, just use your one of your old rings instead of splurging on a new necklace. The ring you choose can be any brand, style and even any color. This Fashionista chose a gold ring to match her blue crewneck sweater. On her ring, there are engraved words and patterns. A little bit of detail on the rings is always better than none. Also, there is no limitation on the number of rings you can wear.

If you are wearing a ring as your necklace today, let me tell you what type of ring might match your various sweater styles! For high neck sweaters, a crossover ring with no decoration would complement any color. For cardigans, more decorative rings should be worn to add youthfulness to your look. This spring-inspired ring combo would be perfect for girls who like nature. Those in favor of vintage-inspired styles, a Rococo style ring or a ring with complex details will show off more of your personality.

How To: 
All you need is to buy a ring and a silver necklace that you like. It is better when you can adjust the length of the necklace to match the outfit. Remember to buy a ring that shows your personality or your favorite color or style. Rings and sweaters are the best partners!