The middle of a semester always calls for laid back outfits. It’s that dreary vibe we get so often that all we want to do is throw on the most comfortable clothing in the morning and grab the best coffee. Don’t worry Fashionista/os, we have all been there. That’s why this week I’m bringing you a relaxed outfit featuring wardrobe classics that is easy for anyone to mimic.

I spotted this Fashionista in her bright red flannel. The classic checker print and shade of red could work for anyone’s style. The slightly oversized silhouette of the flannel isn’t too baggy and makes her look comfortable with the right amount of ease. She paired it with basic black leggings and chestnut brown boots. The darker straps add dimension and character. The Fashionista accessorizes with multiple gold jewelry, especially with her statement chain watch. The watch stands well alone, needless of other arm jewelry. Lastly, she adds a pair of triangular shaped earrings for an edgy touch.

I hope I enlightened your week with a casual outfit inspiration. We are meant to stay as comfortable as possible on hectic school days, especially during the middle of the term. Another tip to stay casual yet to look like you put some effort is to throw on a leather jacket and a hat. I know that may not sound convincing but they actually make a difference. Otherwise, stay rad from inside! Bring your friend who is also under stress to a cozy coffee shop to get some treats.

How To: Buy or thrift a few plaid flannel shirts to add to your closet for those emergency casual days when you don’t know what to wear!