Because I am initially drawn to basic colors such as white and black, I am often trying to find creative ways to include color into my look. Usually, I will try to find a bold scarf or blouse. Then I spotted this Fashionista sporting the most rad, red Timberland boots and realized that a colored shoe is also a great way to make your outfit less monotoned. Although she has chosen to go with boots, a pair of flats or sandals will also work as long as they are a funky color.

This Fashionista has decided to go with an overall edgy vibe by pairing her boots with faux leather leggings and a graphic T-shirt. The shirt has a masculine silhouette and is oversized and elongated. Paired with plenty of attitude, she completes her look with a crinkled leather jacket. The moto-style jacket is red, which helps to emphasize the color of the boots and keep the look consistent. This Fashionista’s boots are sturdy, stylish and will most definitely turn heads.

How To: Are you trying to find a new way to incorporate color into your wardrobe? Adding a bright shoe will surely spice up your outfit and make a statement. More importantly, this strategy can work for any type of look. If you want to embrace your edgy side, try going with a pair of bold sneakers or boots and a leather jacket. If you are feeling girly, a pair of bright colored flats will do the trick.