ALL IN THE DETAILS: Ready For Combat

March 18th, 2016 at 2:00am

Whoever said you couldn’t be ready for battle based on your outfit was definitely wrong! I ran into this Fashionista while she was on the way to class and couldn’t help but admire her athletic wear and combat boot combination. With the stagnant weather in Florida, I’m always intrigued to see how students decide to dress when the weather deviates from our norm, a.k.a., “hot.” Though it can sometimes be confusing to pick an outfit that can easily transition form cold to hot, see how this Fashionista found the perfect recipe for grunge success.

This Fashioinsta is prepared for both the Florida heat, and Tampa Bay showers with just her shoes alone. The boots go with the tough atheistic that comes with the rainy day limbo that seems to be prevalent in the transitioning Florida seasons. The tights allow for the lower half of her body to not be completely exposed, allowing for her jersey-esque shirt to be longer than the average shirt. With her feathered earrings and rook ear piercing you can’t help but wonder what cool band she’s a part of. Or more importantly, if she needs someone to hold her bags the next time she goes shopping.

How To: Want to be a little bolder with your outfit the next time it looks rainy outside? Try adding patterned tights to shorts and finish the look off with boots and a top of your choice. Voilà! Not even lighting can strike you down.