Do you have a favorite color? Well I’ve got good news, you can totally wear it from head to toe in a super chic and creative way. Finding, layering and pairing different textured pieces together that fall within the same color category can make for a seriously bold statement look.

Whether it’s pinks that have your heart, nudes that enhance your sun kissed skin or blues that capture the day’s mood, one color can say it all. The little details of each item can be what adds depth and dimention to your one color look. Definitely don’t be afraid to mix up your color shades and play around with some funky finds. Patterns, textures and accessories are what can make this look really pop.

Owning this look is the hip Fashionisto above. He is looking anything but drab in his blue jeans, blue shirt and denim jacket. Now that’s a whole lot of blue and I’m loving it. The jeans he is wearing are a popular look in a light denim with ripped knees and cuffed ankles. Many of you Fashionistos/as probably have a similar pair hanging in your own closets. If you do, your one step closer to creating your very own monochromatic look!

His shirt is a Polo Ralph Lauren T-shirt that features the logo in a dark blue. Not only is the shirt a well known brand which adds interest in itself, but it also adds an extra dimention with the change in color. The oversized denim jacket enhances his look adding texture and layering with vertical seems, pockets and metal buttons. Lastly, the trendy circular sunglasses add the perfect touch of color in the blue fade lenses with metal frames. This Fashionisto chose his trusty white converse to keep it simple and playful for whatever the day’s plans may be.

The smallest elements are what can make or break a look. The attention to detail in each piece worn by this fabulous Fashionisto are what ultimately make the outfit sleek and stylish and far from tacky.

How To: Next time you’re afraid you don’t match, just pick one color and run with it. However, don’t forget to add a little interest here or there to really make your monochromatic statement bold, clear and full of unique dimensions.