ALL IN THE DETAILS: Rad With A Hint Of Plaid

Cue the negative temperatures, the wind, snowfall and warm clothing on Madison’s campus; we have officially just begun to settle into the glorious hearty winter season. So before you get too comfortable under all those blankets in your apartment, here’s a tip to help you one-up this unforgiving weather in style: accent pieces!

Accenting is the perfect way to add style to any outfit in the cold winter months. This Fashionisto does so by cuffing his dark denim jeans, which draws attention and creates interest to the look; cuffing also gives the sense of a more tailored appearance. Pairing dark denim with a button-down is a classic, sophisticated go-to. It is also perfect for meeting friends downtown or for lounging around and watching the game. This gentleman goes the extra mile by adding a gold necklace and a rose-tinted bomber jacket with a collared plaid accent, both of which greatly complement and finish off the look. You can expect to see plaid making a big comeback later this fall. This Fashionisto certainly knows what’s trending!

How To: Start with the basics. For a simple upgrade to any denim, simply cuff or roll the bottoms; doing so will take your denim to whole new level and showcase those cool kicks you’ve been sporting. When heading around town, opt for a jacket with detailed interest or pop of color to jazz things up! Also, don’t be afraid to add a touch of bling; it adds depth to any look. Happy accenting!