There’s no denying the plaid crazed trend that Fashionistas/os have been avidly sporting for years now. The warm flannel that once depicted the lumberjack has now been adopted by trendsetting Fashionistas/os all over the world. Plaid is a timeless pattern that proves to be extremely versatile. There are endless combinations of colors and varying lines that allow for such a wide range of diversity concerning plaid designs. This variance broadens the appeal of plaid to fit with more diverse styles and can ultimately change the outfit completely. This plaid phenomenon is not constricted to shirts only, but has also spread to plaid skirts, scarves and many other items of clothing. With the use of plaid, outfits are being transformed from ordinary to have unique expressions of color and design.

This Fashionista gives us the perfect example of how each plaid design can be made different and unique. She is wearing a traditional black and red plaid flannel with black jeans and black Timberlands. The hood on the back of the flannel and it’s oversized nature add a spin to the traditional design, making it more interesting and desirable amongst the abundance of plaid flannels that are currently filling the stores. The ripped black jeans play off the edgy punk vibe that characterizes this outfit, but can easily be exchanged for a more comfortable pair of leggings if desired. To complete the outfit, this Fashionista chose to wear a sharp pair of black Timberlands. Their thick and warm interior makes them the perfect boot to battle the cold winter weather while also complementing the masculine roots of the plaid pattern. One of the best things about the plaid flannel is that it can easily be tied around your waist to change the look completely!

How To: Not sure how to be both comfortable and cute? Simply pair a soft, oversized plaid flannel with long leggings. As for shoes, you can either wear a pair of fresh white converse or a short, wintery boot in order to face the cold. This carefree look is perfect for every day activities.