Everyone has heard the famous line “always take one thing off before you leave the house.” This was particularly helpful for me during my eclectic high school days of hair accessories, statement pins and colored sunglasses. This post is a new-age adaptation of the classic saying, “what matters is quality not quantity.” Today’s Fashionista was able to transform classic wardrobe staples to reflect her personal style, which is evident in her on-campus outfit.

Lucky for us, this Fashionista showcased the perfect number of accessories to make a statement and turn heads whether it’s in the library, in class or hanging out in the student center. Her jeans showcase the fine point of classic denim with side-zipper detailing on the ankles, which are highlighted by her low boots. She uses a flannel to cinch an otherwise overwhelming sweater and adds a Gwen Stefani-ish attitude and a pop of color and pattern to the look. This Fashionista has created a killer look of classic demure pieces with an edge through the details. To make sure the look didn’t come across as Fall Out Boy- loving teenage angst, she kept her sunglasses and bracelets classic and her personality in her bag.

How To: Begin with a pair of jeans with slight detailing, such as ankle zippers, and a basic, solid turtleneck sweater to keep you warm in New England’s November weather. Finish with a nod to ’90s grunge by adding a flannel shirt and low-cut leather ankle boots. A graphic clutch adds a modern quality to the look. Always remember to add that third piece before you leave the house, the statement necklace, floppy hat or graphic shirt to tie as a belt.  These last minute finishing pieces could be the star of your show and the conversation starter for your day!